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High Potential Coaching

David Kaspar, Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014

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What are High Potentials? It is relatively simple, in an operation of the High potential to identify: There are those young executives, due to their high level of Motivation and intellktueller or social talent stand out. the
In today's fast-moving society, it is for the success of the company is of great importance, these High Potentials längefristig to keep. The appropriate design of the incentive, so that the "Talented and Motivated" is to remain in a essential level is crucial.
Coaching as a reward!
A great need and, thus, a crucial incentive for High-potential employees – this has been used in various studies confirmed repeatedly – is the possibility of "on and off the job" professionally, + personally to develop. This development process is carefully supported; in Addition, our High Potentials Coaching.

High Potential Coaching

Good reasons for a High potential Coaching
1. Increased effectiveness and efficiency
Coaching helps the existing resources of the High Potentials  to take advantage of its potential to develop and bring to bear. Good employee performance for any business is of great importance. The use of these resources is a crucial factor for companies in the fight for the affirmation on the market (Personalentwicklungsmassnahme).
2. Rollenreflexion leads to conflict prevention

High potential  with new leadership responsibilities, often to their personal limit and are therefore under Stress. The pressure in this Überforderungssituation discharges are often in conflict. These are teamintern. This way, resources are bound: time-Consuming meetings are carried out, measures are discussed, etc
At a High potential Coaching can the new leadership and the  related to difficult situations and conflicts in a "protected" part will be reflected. This conscious way of dealing with the new Leadership leads to De-tension and thus prevents, in many cases, unnecessary conflicts (Personalentwicklungsmassnahme).
3. Identification with advertising effect
The specific promotion-motivated, High / potential leaders identify themselves with the company and make positive representation of "their" company advertising for your employer: "With us, the employees promoted individually!" (Personalgewinnungsmassnahme).
4. The benefit for the whole Team

By a successful High-potential Coaching increases the satisfaction and Motivation of the individual leaders. This has a positive effect on the whole Team.
5. High Fluktuationskosten can be prevented

A difficult Situation with no prospect of improvement leads first to the inner, and later, when the Alternatives on the labour market are present, to the outer termination. The "notice of readiness" is the highly flexible, motivated,  and enabled High potential is particularly high: they are on the labour market demand.

The economic consequences of the termination of a High potential are measured, and amounts according to research up to CHF 50000.—. The costs are differentiable in Personalfreistellungs - cost, Personalgewinnungskosten, Personaleinarbeitungskosten and Personalweiterbildungskosten.

in Addition to the measurable are not exactly quantifiable impact is well known: for Example, a frequent change of team members is always a certain amount of restlessness. This anxiety reduces the quality significantly.

High potential experienced by a Coaching a specific attention on the part of the company. This Form of appreciation intensified the mutual bond. So will increase the Chance that young executives of the company, the trust and you are in less good times, the "Loyal". Coaching is a very effective Personalerhaltungsmassnahme.

Typical Work

Coaching and main training topics
- New leadership: How does my Leadership role?

- self-marketing: How I sell myself / my performance?

- assertiveness: How should I position myself?

conflict management: How do I deal with  conflicts within the Team?

- target management: How do I reach my personal goals?

time management: How do I deal with the resource of "time"? 

communication: How do I communicate convincingly?
On request: Führungspotentialanalyse
GDP-Assessment (Bochum inventory for work-related Persönlichkeitsbeschreibung): Leading scientific procedures for potential analysis for (young) executives.

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