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Auftrittskompetenz is for managers, one of the key skills. The challenging Führungssituatioen are manifold:

- you have an important presentation to the Board of Directors.
- you have a crucial presentation to a new customer. the
- do you have the workforce to the dismissal of many employees.

What is there to consider? What are the Dos and Don'ts during a performance, and a presentation? How is it that the audience in their spell, as you place your core message and how to create a sustainable "finish", the in the mind is stuck?

In our Executive Coaching with a focus on Appearance takes up the Training of these key competencies in an important place.

listed Below are the most important tips from years of working with Executives as crucial crystallized.

A. technology Appearance presentation

1. Careful preparation, especially the Intro and conclusion

Who is the target audience? What is the goal of the presentation? What is the key message you want the audience snagging?

To: Intro and conclusion are essential. The two elements have to sit!

2. Connect
commitment and honesty to create credibility, stage fright accept.

To: Personal contact with the audience: What connects me to my audience? What is for my listeners in this Moment important? the

3. Body language
posture, Gestures, Facial expressions, Eye contact, good anchorage with the ground.

To: uncertainties not conceal. Your body does not lie. It looks confident, a certain amount of uncertainty disarmingly admit!

4. Dynamic language
volume, pace, emphasis, pronunciation, Sprechmarotten ("er", "or") to eliminate.

To: take breaks so that your listeners to come along.

5. Construction
goal-Oriented introduction, structured body, logical reasoning, concise conclusion with a summary and, when prompted, the key message to take to heart (implicitly or explicitly). the

To: focus on the Form of the presentation and not only on the content.

6. Language

choice of words to the audience adapted, accurate wording, short sentences, technical terms, explain, little, foreign words, technical accuracy, clear and  practical examples from the life.

To: comparisons, metaphors, idioms, stories, use. No filthy jokes! The humorous aspects of your Story that the audience tell, self-deprecating algebra. the

7. Tools and preparation
Sparse but effective. You, as a speaker, are the focus and not a Multimediafeuerwerk!

To: Timely on-site function control: Beamer, PC, Notebook, Video, etc

B. posture and attitude
technology is the important craft page.

A really good speaker, but until then, if you have your setting so that it can be pleasure and ambition to improve your appearance to develop.

warranty: If you have these three points in mind, you are guaranteed to make progress!

1. Practice at every opportunity!

2. Get always (!) several (!) Feedback!

3. Publikumsnutzen is the focus - Not you!


Luck - Or the question of the good life

What really makes you happy? The question is so banal as to be difficult to answer! Here is a brief summary of various research work on the subject. the

the Following factors are essential

altruism to maintain – you can Help other people to be happy. There is nothing egoistischeres...
- Personal social network to maintain friendship and family
- challenges with creative freedom search – autonomy experience
- Meditation, healthy diet, enough sleep, regular exercise
- Several moments of happiness per day change more than a big moment of happiness, every couple of months

happiness pays off!
end point 50 years of research regarding Motivation: reward and well-being to bring more than punishment and discomfort. As a leader, it is therefore vital that you set for yourself and other positive conditions design: Happy people work more creative, more reliable, and more productive.

principle: changes will be achieved only if the way is to be followed consistently.

- Day, 2 minutes BüroZen-Meditaion operate
- Daily for 3 minutes aware someone do something Positive
- Daily 5-minutes, the most important findings of the last 24 hours to write down
- Daily 10 minutes of Gymnastics

Program: During 3 weeks of daily 20‘ increases the personal happiness – scientifically flawless, demonstrated significantly!



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Dit bÃaenrp¸nel er genialt. Der er generelt ALT for fÃ¥ forældre, der sørger for at have et tivoli i haven, pÃ¥ trods af, at de ved, hvor vigtigt det er, at børn kommer ud og fÃ¥r noget luft


As conflicts arise - A constructivist analysis

A harmless story

...two hikers happen to meet in the evening with a cool beer in the Restaurant Alpenblick. Coincidentally, made both the same hike. Especially noticed two of the little Church on the hill, with a fountain and tree. They describe each other, the Church, the tree and the fountain, and are amazed by the description, and the Other of which each is massively different (see image).

- Which is the right Church? (Not religionsphilosophisch to  understand..)
- it is Undisputed that the Church exists
- there is no doubt that the Church has a Form
- Undisputed seems to be that both go to the same Church, have seen

If the two with each other about the Church speak of, and accept, their two churches constructs are different and nothing to do with the actual Church have to do, is everything okay

problems and disagreements arise, then, if the one opposite to the other claims his construct of reality can be the reality or his reality was more real than the reality of the Other.

- A is composed by: This "Church" is thought to be true
- Both insist on their positions. None there after. the
- The two Hiking the next day together to the Church. the

- Each statement is the result of their own subjective construction of reality. It is the experience, "truth"
- Any previous construction of reality is an individually correct and subjectively competent solution
- Basic appreciation of the subjective construction of reality is the Basis of all cooperation

conflicts can arise because the honest people of their Realitätskonstruktionen (as lens experience) want to generalize, and this compared to other people who do the same, want to impose!

A common new reality must be created!



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