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Money - Power - freedom (50 Cent and Robert Greene)

A Rapper as a Business book author?
Sounds funny but not uninteresting. With a certain amount of curiosity and skepticism, I have the 300 page book to read. The Plot is not new: He says the typical American "from-rags-to-riches" story. The Hauptakteuer is Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. His impressive life story from...

... "Gangsta" to the highly successful, clever, and strategic thinking 100 times Dollarmillionär with a lot of philosophical reflection peppered. By Sun Tsu on Malcom X to Nietzsche. It shows the (probably) large influence on the content and structure of the book by Co-author Robert Green, which even a well-known Management bestseller author. the
The Whole thing reads partly like a "Best of" of the "unconventional" Management-Top-Seller in the last few years, is never boring, but it results in a cohesive overall picture.
The Central statements of the book are as easy as pie: live your life. Be yourself, bulky and open-minded. Overcome the fear of markets, people and the death and do what you heart is. Then you're free and in this freedom, so independent, that you - with the necessary passion and the necessary will - reach what you really want. the
Sounds simple. But not too simple. To me, the book has definitely a lot of pleasure!

Here you can order the book



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Kaed - Sunday, 15. May 2016 - 04:05 Uhr

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