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Stress management for executivesStress managen

Your work is piling up? 70- hour week: not a rarity? Not relaxed even in your leisure time? Our stress management program provides a remedy and leads to first successes within a short space of time!

It is based on concepts developed by Professor Kaluza, the leading expert on stress management, and has been specifically adjusted to the needs of executives by Kaspar Consulting.

Das Rennen gegen sich selbst gewinnen?

Stress managen

Stress-management Checks and TestsStress managen

Using various life & business checks we create a first stress profile. If necessary, this evaluation will, inter alia, be complemented by the measurement of heart rate variability (HRV biofeedback).

This gives us a representational picture of your current stress level, which in turn reflects the current work-life-balance and burnout risk.

A proven stress-management programStress managen

Based on the results of the stress-checks and biofeedback’s, an individual program is developed for each client, which helps on three stress-levels

1. Strategic self- and stress management
Effective management of your time will provide a more confident approach to responding to potential stressful scenarios and possibilities are made possible!

2. Mental training
On this level we analyse personal stress enhancers and based on the findings we develop a program on how to deal with individual factors, which may restrict you in different ways. You gain flexibility (mental training)

3. Regeneration techniques
In addition we practice techniques for regeneration (for example progressive muscle relaxation, PMR), which help reduce stress in a simple and timely manner. You relax and enjoy!

Portfolio stress management - Individual coaching for executivesStress managen

Our portfolio includes in particular:

- Individual coaching in acute pressure- and stressful situations
- Development of an individual stress management - program
- More on our 2-day seminar stress management for executives  stress management seminar 

Kaspar Consulting Your business partner for executives stress management.