Kaspar Consulting

David D. Kaspar

"Helping executives and companies move forward -
That's not just my job, it's my big one.

Interdisciplinary competencies

"Only with a broad horizon one can really be focused!"

Law (MLaw) and Commercial Mediation (MM)
After studying law (degree: Master of Law) at the University of Bern, CH David D. Kaspar graduated from a postgraduate social scientific and psychological Masters Degree in Business Mediation (degree: MM) at the University of Hagen, DE.

Training as a coach and trainer
He then trained to become a systemic solution-oriented business coach (Swiss Coaching Association, BSO recognized) and trainer (Creative Communication Consult, DE).

Training in rhetoric and communication, mental training (NLP), stress management training, Harvard Negotiation, soft skills development, didactics (SVEB) and Personal Leadership (LMI) complete his target group-specific competencies.

Business studies, psychology, philosophy
Parallel to his various training as a coach and trainer, David D. Kaspar spent seven semesters with "coaching-oriented, interdisciplinary studies" at various universities in business administration, psychology, and philosophy.

Several years of experience as an executive and entrepreneur

Die Digitale Transformation eröffnet unglaubliche Chancen. Sie birgt aber auch Risiken. Meines Erachtens sollte baldmöglichst ein Diskurs darüber geführt werden, wie weit wir als Gesellschaft wollen, dass die Digitalisierung unsere kulturelle DNA fundamental verändert!

"Even led to have is important!"

David D. Kaspar comes from a family of entrepreneurs (industry) and was very early on an understanding of the complex economic and strategic issues in comparison with social-social responsibility develop. These key values shape his Thinking and Acting.

Former managing Director

His former activity in the Wirtschaftsadvokatur and long-term management of a consulting program David D. Kaspar taught, strategically-in order to run.

Current entrepreneurial activities
In addition to his work as an Executive Coach and Führungskräftetrainer organized and organized he is now certified modular leadership training Leadership SVF and developed along with his business partner, the successful Experience Learning Format LEAD Reality Training.

Lecturer, association activities, memberships

"I'm fascinated by seeing things differently again and again, and to discover and what works"

Lecturer, examiner, mentor (SVF, ETH, HSG)
David D. Kaspar is an examiner at the Swiss Association for Leadership Training (vocational examination SVF), lecturer at ETH Zurich and mentor at the University of St. Gallen (HSG)

Memberships (ICF, BSO, SCCM)
David D. Kaspar has for many years headed up a regional group of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world's largest association of professional coaches and is still active as their ambassador.

He is also an accredited member of the Swiss Professional Association for Supervision and Organizational Development (BSO) and the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation, Section Zurich (SCCM).