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Transition Coaching -
The first 100 days

"From the hamster wheel of performance -
Into the political minefield?"

Management Coaching "Transition - The first 100 days

You have convinced us with your outstanding performance! That's why they were considered capable of taking on higher tasks: The new job promises to be very interesting. Soon you will notice that many things have changed compared to the old workplace. How do you shape your new role? What is expected? How can you be successful?

Dealing with these challenges in a goal-oriented manner, successfully mastering the first 100 days and quickly arriving in the new leadership role: This is the objective of intensive transition coaching for the path to upper management.

What is important in your new management role

In addition to more status and more salary, your new position will also give you more influence. If you do your job well, you can be effective at crucial points and help shape the future of the company. How can you achieve this?

nail one's colours to the mast
A prerequisite for success is a focus on one's own talents. In addition, the shaping of your new leadership role also requires an examination of your own limits and weaknesses and your personal "no-goes".

Penetrating the new business
It is also very important that you penetrate your new core business within the shortest possible time, establish a good relationship with the most important key persons and convince your new team of your objectives and mission and get them "on board".

Why Transition Coaching?

The Benefits of our Transition Coaching Program
The time span from entry into the new function to effective performance is significantly shortened and the chances that you and your team can successfully manage your work on the effective "bottlenecks" are measurably increased.

Experience and special training
Many years of practical experience, special training at the Palatina Group (German Trainer Award) and permanent cooperation with our business partners have led to the fact that we can offer you a highly effective programme.

Our 7-step program
1. analysis of the company culture and key players
2. analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses in comparison with job design
3. developing your own leadership vision: What do I stand for?
4. strategic "business plan" for the first 100 days
5. implementation of concrete operational steps
6th focus: Develop your own team and expand your company's internal network
7th Evaluation - Reflection - Modification

A real win-win-win program: You as a manager, your directly subordinated (management) team and thus "your company" as a whole benefit from this!

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Your personal transition coach & sparring partner

David Kaspar is one of the few specialists whose main activity is coaching and sparring executives (CEO, CFO, CXO) and executives who are making the leap into top management.

This focus has enabled David Kaspar to acquire unique know-how and insider knowledge. More than 15 years of experience, 5000h 1to1 coaching with over 250 executives: You benefit from this!

Portrait David Kaspar

Transition Coaching in Zurich, Berne and Basel

The coaching concept of Kaspar Consulting meets the needs of our target group for high flexibility. That's why we coach you in Zurich, Berne and Basel. Or at the place of your choice!

Get in touch with us: We would be happy to discuss with you the possibilities of a successful cooperation and develop a tailor-made programme together with you.

Kaspar Consulting - Your personal partner for transition coaching