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"You have to be in love with success,
not failure!" E. Bloch

Business coaching - Our focus on success factors

Our business coaching for executives follows a simple principle. We operate with established factors for successful leadership.

This raises an important and guiding question: What are the characteristics of successful leaders and what key competencies enable success?


Successful leaders - What sets them apart?

Interviews with successful leaders were undertaken across a wide range of markets; including polling of circa 20 000 with the help of Gallup Interviews with successful leaders were evaluated. It has been found: The ideal top-executive with exactly defined characteristics does not exist!

The following are key factors to be identified and have proven beneficial in numerous instances of our business coaching.

1. Personality and competence

Leaders convince, when they are reaching their business as well as knowing their trade and as an integer personality and with a clear understanding of their role, their values, their strength and their boundaries, do what they know is right in their heart.

2. Focus on strengths and solutions

Successful leaders develop their strength and pursue future-oriented solutions. They work, with determination, on their own weaknesses in terms of lacking skills, if these weaknesses prevent the breakthrough of their own strength.

3. Networks and development

Successful leaders have a real, sustainable professional and personal network. They challenge and encourage their employees and surround themselves with people who complement their own talents.

4. Being curious and flexible

Successful leaders develop and cultivate the ability, to always be open to things and to give unbiased attention and to question the given facts.

A stable but curious-critical attitude is the crucial prerequisite where business and personal opportunities are realised and promising new avenues can be explored.

5. Courage to make decisions

Successful leaders never limit themselves to theoretical reflections- they proactively take action. Although situations are not always obvious: They have the courage to take decisions. Because they want to make a difference!

6. Learning from failure. Celebrate successes

Successful leaders celebrate successes together with their fellow teammates. Even if projects should fail once: Successful leaders don’t let themselves be discouraged by this, because they see failure as a great learning opportunity to be even better!

7. Head, Heart and Hand

Successful leaders lead with head, heart and hand, because they combine integrative thinking and personal conviction with entrepreneurial initiative.

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