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Communication training
Sovereign appearance

"You can not not communicate!"
Paul Watzlawick

Communication training for executives "rhetoric & appearance"

Everyday life is characterized by communication
You are conducting conversations with employees. You present work results to a larger or smaller audience or you "sell" yourself and your products to a potential customer.

Not only the content is decisive!
Practice has impressively shown that it is not only the content of your communication that is important. Your rhetorical skills and your personal appearance competence are decisive for success.

How to reach the next level
A feedback in performance situations would often be helpful, but unfortunately is usually missing. A core task of our communication training is therefore to give this feedback. Only in this way can one's own blind spots be recognised, strengths strengthened and weaknesses reduced.

I. Communication training for managers "Your sovereign appearance".

Non-verbal signals are crucial!
In all interpersonal communication not only verbal signals are important. Non-verbal communication also determines personal success.

The benefits of video analysis
In our communication training for executives we record your appearance on video. Based on the analysis, strengths can be strengthened and weaknesses can be identified and purposefully reduced.

...so that you as a person arrive at the audience!

II. communication training for executives "conversations & rhetoric

Communication competence is decisive!
On the one hand, managers conduct appraisal interviews. On the other hand, they communicate and "market" ideas and results to the "outside" (press, audience) and "above" (VR, HQ, etc.).

Benefits: "Competence in conversation, rhetorical clarity
Our rhetoric training serves to strengthen your communication skills. We train you, for example, in employee interviews and discussions during which you have to submit your ideas to top management or the Board of Directors or we prepare you mentally for your speeches and lectures.

... so that your message gets across!

III Communication Training "German Managers in Switzerland

Intercultural Training" Special
German managers in Switzerland - A broad field! As a Swiss citizen married to a German, I know the differences and similarities of both cultures. Intercultural (!) Training - What it brings you.

Specific training for German managers helps them to "train" themselves in the new cultural key situations in order to avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

German managers in Switzerland

Individual training, in-house seminar

Main topics "Sovereign appearance"
  • Video analysis: body language, voice, non-verbal
  • Design of the (self-)confident appearance
  • Dealing with pressure and stress, stage fright under control
Main topics "Conversations & Rhetoric"
  • Rhetorically convincing and inspiring in a short time
  • Development of a core message, pitching competence
  • Rhetoric, quick-wittedness: mastering difficult situations
Individual "Appearance & Communication" training
In-house seminar "Appearance & Communication

Communication training for executives in Zurich, Berne and Basel

Kaspar Consulting's training concept meets the needs of our target group for high flexibility. That's why we train you in Zurich, Berne and Basel. Or at the place of your choice!

Get in touch with us: We would be happy to discuss with you the possibilities of a successful cooperation and develop a tailor-made programme together with you.

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