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"Musicians play instruments.
Conductors play orchestra!"

Executive Coaching & Sparring for top management

Not only top athletes show outstanding performance. Executives experience "competitive atmosphere" daily. Athletes spend 90% of their time training.

Top managers on the other hand experience almost exclusively “action on a completive level”. Recently Executive Coaching has been invented for the "top athletes of business". A trendy hype?

Executive Coaching - An ancient tradition!

You can't see what you can't see!
In earlier times, the leaders, the princes and kings, were also aware of this fact. The role of the court jester is an impressive testimony to these "sparring partnerships" for the purpose of reducing one's own "blind spots".

This cooperation, classic in its core function, is still proving extremely fruitful in everyday business life today. The reason for this is the independence of the sparring partner.
Independent sparring partner
Unlike the manager's usual interlocutors, an executive coach is outside the system and is neither networked nor career-dependent of his client. Only with this independence is it possible to be a feedback provider and reflection partner at eye level!

Why Executive Coaching? Listen to the former Google CEO: Eric Schmidt

Personal growth in a nutshell - Executive Coaching & Sparring

Pooling of strengths
It has been proven to be of decisive importance to be able to "get to the heart of the matter" with one's own profile, formative values, ideas and personal management vision. In this way you can bundle your strengths, have a convincing effect and offer orientation.
Sovereignty wins!
This communicable clarity is the basis for what are commonly regarded as leadership competencies: Persuasiveness, credibility and sovereignty. Our executive sparring is designed to further develop and strengthen this clarity.

More about the demands on managers today: Conscious Leaership

Executive Coaching & Sparring - Topics, Cooperation

Exercise-coaching can cover the following topics...
- Leadership: vision, development of personal leadership skills
- Sovereignty: positioning, charisma and personal appearance
- Sparring on complex management and decision-making issues

- Power and Strategy: Social Influence and Relationship Management
- Personal branding: self-marketing, internal positioning
- Reputation management, profile, profiling

- Support during cultural change processes: Edit individual topics
- Sparring "Digital Transformation": Reflection and "Testing" of Ideas
- Leadership Team Leadership: Developing Identity - Setting Points of Interest

Your personal executive coach and sparring partner

Focus & Specialization
David Kaspar is one of the few specialists whose main activity is coaching and sparring entrepreneurs, top managers (CEO, CFO, CXO) and management boards.

This focus has enabled David Kaspar to acquire unique know-how and insider knowledge. More than 15 years of experience, 5000h 1to1 coaching with over 250 executives: You benefit from this!

Portrait David Kaspar

Executive Coaching & Sparring in Zürich, Bern und Basel

The coaching concept of Kaspar Consulting meets the needs of our target group for high flexibility. That's why we coach you in Zurich, Berne and Basel. Or at the place of your choice!

Get in touch with us: We would be happy to discuss with you the possibilities of a successful cooperation and develop a tailor-made programme together with you.

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