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Conflict management
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Conflict management for managers

Where people work together, conflicts arise. They arise because different personalities with different perspectives come together.

Some conflicts are the necessary "salt in the soup" and resolve themselves when the "cleansing thunderstorm" or the necessary clarification process is over. Other conflicts escalate, expand and thus cause great damage.

What is the benefit of our conflict management coaching?

In our conflict management coaching we train you in your specific conflict situations. There is the constellation that you yourself are actively involved in the conflict, or that as team leader you have to lead a team that is in a conflict situation.

Your personal conflict management strategy
After analysing the conflict structure and the behaviour patterns of those involved, we work with you to develop a conflict management strategy that is targeted for the future.

Conflict moderation, business mediation

Where does business mediation make sense?
Business mediation makes sense where business partners are interested in a constructive and efficient joint conflict solution due to economic interests.

What are the benefits of business mediation?
A conflict moderator / business mediator helps to analyse the conflict and its causes. The process of business mediation makes it possible to identify the effective interests behind the positions put forward and to integrate them into a viable agreement.

Business mediation pays off!
As practice impressively proves, business mediation is efficient, cost-effective and successful.

Business mediation.

Individual training or in-house seminar?

Focus on conflict management for managers
- Cause, effect and course of conflicts
- Communication techniques in conflict situations
- Analysis and work on personal conflict behaviour

Personal benefits
- Use of effective conflict resolution instruments
- constructuver dealing with difficult situations
- Strategies for conflicting parties, team conflicts etc.

Individual Training - "Coaching Conflict Management" (PDF)
In-house seminar - "Seminar Conflict Management" (PDF)

Conflict Management - "Coaching for Executives, Seminar"

Our Portfolio Conflict Management Leaders
- Individual coaching in difficult conflict situations (analysis, training, implementation)
- Conflict moderation (business mediation)
- Inhouse Conflict Management Seminar: Conflict Management Seminar

Each individual conflict management training can be an integral part of
Executive Coaching, Management Transition Coaching, Leadership Coaching

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