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"We find a way or we build one!"
Hannibal (246-183 B.C.)

Classic coaching and training for executives

We specialize in coaching and training of executives. Our service is aimed at executives of middle and upper management.

We traditionally focus on leadership and related topics. This is where we are most competent, because we know our target group, their specific concerns and their "microcosm".

Executive Coaching im Business Kontext

I. Executive coaching for middle management

The successful formula of our executive coaching is the mixture of key skills training, personal development and the development of highly practical leadership tools. Topics are:

- Clarity of yourself: Successful design of your leadership role
- Personal appearance and presentation: Convincing when it matters
- Self-Marketing: To ensure that your successes are actually perceived
- Leading Teams: Dealing with difficult situations (conflicts, change situations, etc.)
- Leading individuals: conducting employee appraisals, ability to position yourself well
- Assertiveness: Ability to prevail - even with difficult employees
- Strategic stress management: careful handling of your own resources

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II. Transition coaching to make a career leap into top management

Transition coaching - A highly practical and proven 7-step-program

Our proven 7-step program

1. Analysis of corporate culture and the key players
2. Personal strength-weakness analysis in alignment with the job design
3. Development of your own leadership vision: What do I stand for?
4. Strategic "Business Plan" for the first 100 days
5. Implementation of specific operational steps
6. Focus: Developing your own team and expansion of the company's internal network
7. Evaluation - reflection - modification

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III. Executive Coaching and sparring for decision makers in top management

Selection of commonly addressed topics in Executive Coaching

- Rise to the top management: "User's Guide" to the rules, rituals, customs
- Leadership: Vision, further development of personal leadership strength
- Sovereign presence: positioning, charisma, personal appearance
- Decision sparring: Reflection partnership when confronted with complex decision
- Dealing with power, social influence, managing relationships
- Personal Branding: Self-marketing, profile and profiling.

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