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Negotiation Training
Harvard Negotiation

"You don't get what you deserve,
but only what you negotiate!"

Negotiation Training for leaders

Why specific negotiation training for executives? The reason is relatively simple. Whether consciously or unconsciously - executives negotiate daily!

They negotiate with employees and superiors and they negotiate with business partners. In practice, these negotiations often fail at the very first meeting.

Negotiation Training for executives according to the Harvard Concept

In order to be able to negotiate successfully even in the case of major conflicts of interest, basic knowledge of negotiating is helpful.

The Harvard Concept
We work in our individual executive training according to the well-proven Harvard Negotiation concept. With this instrument it is always possible to create a win-win situation even in seemingly hopeless situations.

Negotiation training - your personal style
Knowing instruments is an important prerequisite. But tools alone are of little use if they cannot be used in the right style: The challenge is to match the tools precisely to your personality and the mental preparation for negotiations!

Negotiation Training the Harvard Negotiation Concept way

Individual Negotiation Training "Harvard Concept"
We make you fit for the daily routine of negotiations. After our negotiation training you will know the basics of effective negotiation according to the Harvard concept. For your everyday life this means that you can prepare yourself in a structured way, convince during negotiations and achieve results with lasting effect!

Tailor-made negotiation seminar for corporate clients
On versatile request, we also offer our know-how in the form of a company-internal negotiation seminar. We would be happy to develop a two-day curriculum for your further education (larger groups, i.e. usually 8-12 participants).

Focus Negotiation Training - "Leadership Coaching, Seminar"

Our negotiation training portfolio includes:
  • Individual coaching, negotiation training
  • Improvement of your own negotiation skills
  • Coaching and sparring - difficult negotiation situations
  • Inhouse Negotiation Seminar - Harvard Negotiation Negotiation Seminar


Each individual Harvard principle negotiation training can be an integral part of executive coaching, management transaction coaching, executive coaching

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