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Auftrittskompetenz is for managers, one of the key skills. The challenging Führungssituatioen are manifold:

- you have an important presentation to the Board of Directors.
- you have a crucial presentation to a new customer. the
- do you have the workforce to the dismissal of many employees.

What is there to consider? What are the Dos and Don'ts during a performance, and a presentation? How is it that the audience in their spell, as you place your core message and how to create a sustainable "finish", the in the mind is stuck?

In our Executive Coaching with a focus on Appearance takes up the Training of these key competencies in an important place.

listed Below are the most important tips from years of working with Executives as crucial crystallized.

A. technology Appearance presentation

1. Careful preparation, especially the Intro and conclusion

Who is the target audience? What is the goal of the presentation? What is the key message you want the audience snagging?

To: Intro and conclusion are essential. The two elements have to sit!

2. Connect
commitment and honesty to create credibility, stage fright accept.

To: Personal contact with the audience: What connects me to my audience? What is for my listeners in this Moment important? the

3. Body language
posture, Gestures, Facial expressions, Eye contact, good anchorage with the ground.

To: uncertainties not conceal. Your body does not lie. It looks confident, a certain amount of uncertainty disarmingly admit!

4. Dynamic language
volume, pace, emphasis, pronunciation, Sprechmarotten ("er", "or") to eliminate.

To: take breaks so that your listeners to come along.

5. Construction
goal-Oriented introduction, structured body, logical reasoning, concise conclusion with a summary and, when prompted, the key message to take to heart (implicitly or explicitly). the

To: focus on the Form of the presentation and not only on the content.

6. Language

choice of words to the audience adapted, accurate wording, short sentences, technical terms, explain, little, foreign words, technical accuracy, clear and  practical examples from the life.

To: comparisons, metaphors, idioms, stories, use. No filthy jokes! The humorous aspects of your Story that the audience tell, self-deprecating algebra. the

7. Tools and preparation
Sparse but effective. You, as a speaker, are the focus and not a Multimediafeuerwerk!

To: Timely on-site function control: Beamer, PC, Notebook, Video, etc

B. posture and attitude
technology is the important craft page.

A really good speaker, but until then, if you have your setting so that it can be pleasure and ambition to improve your appearance to develop.

warranty: If you have these three points in mind, you are guaranteed to make progress!

1. Practice at every opportunity!

2. Get always (!) several (!) Feedback!

3. Publikumsnutzen is the focus - Not you!


Mental Learn Negotiating Skills

tips "Mental learn negotiating skills"
A good to learn negotiating skills has focused not only on the Tools & Tricks. It is always important the mental preparation. the
Listed below are several ideas to interior settings in the context of a conscious mental preparation are set forth.

Download the document "Mental learn negotiating skills"
10 TIPS FOR MENTAL learn negotiating skills
1. See negotiation as an opportunity!

Conflicts of interests are basically anything Negative. They play in our complex and interconnected world, an important role. The white mostly Towards her. Successful negotiator to see the divergence in opinions as positive challenges. Negative emotions compared to the act of hearing (as, for example, Fears and nervousness) have a negative effect on the negotiation situation. Imagine, therefore, the negotiation situation as positive. Even if you think you bad cards to have, you should never forget that even in your eyes "overpowering" negotiating partner you need. Otherwise he was not at the negotiating table!
2. Check your setting for the negotiator

The fact that you are negotiating on other goals as she pursues it, does not mean that the opponent needs to see. Instead of saying "The type does not fit me", focus on the questions "What can I do to mutual trust to promote?" and "What shall we discuss?". The clarification of the question, who is at the negotiating table is often a negotiation, in the you a lot about the setting of the Verhandlungspartners towards them.
3. Accept your emotions in the negotiation situation

Often we see in the case of negotiations under pressure to succeed. Then, we are mostly dünnhäutiger than we would like. Successful negotiator are authentic people. You accept your emotions and go with it adequately. Because: to show emotion is always better, rather than to exclude them. Who has the courage, to its emotional appeal, can also those of his counterpart's easier to accept. Allow each other to let off steam – this can be without charge to happen. Honesty and openness in the relationship to promote mutual respect.
4. Check your assumptions – "The map is not the territory!"

Everyone has their own subjective reality (internal map), which for him is true and correct. As Bargaining we tend to our perception as the only correct view.

Rather than in advance of a trial, their own point of view as alone valid to consider, and those of the negotiating parties to ignore or devalue it, it is wiser, from the outset, with the idea of befriending, Opposite to the situation is different and judged. If you succeed, the other point of view to accept it is easy for them to fall, this not as an attack against you.
5. Clarify your own interests – What do you really want to?
Instead of already in the run-up to an Extreme Position to stiffen them in the event of a Zurückbuchstabierens only loss of face enters, it is wise to extensively, with their own interests to deal with. Write your interests and try to weights. Where there could be common ground, where conflicts? Keep in mind, prior to any hearing on the current interests of the other party only speculate, but there are always untested assumptions.
6. They look for similarities
No negotiation without common interests! It's worth it, already in the preparation aware for possible similarities to find, because most dominate areas of conflict in our Thinking and hinder constructive approaches. Alone the attempt, the personal and factual aspects as far as possible separately to treat a common interest. Even a comment like "We agree that we disagree" can be a reassurance on the level of relationships and a clear head to make for constructive Thinking.
7. Be creative – they Increase the to be distributed cake!
Who is his Opposite as Verhandlungsgegner looks, from the concessions expected, is himself also forced concessions to make. This usually leads to a zero-sum game. However, who recognizes that the interdependence between Negotiating as at least a temporary partnership can be considered white, that joint creativity to create value. Resist but the temptation, already in the run-up to the "one correct solution". Be open to new options and solutions. Under the circumstances, "offers" your negotiating partner added value for you, from which you will up to the negotiation still didn't even know existed.
8. Prepare well for Persuasion before
Arguments are helpful, but not to the own Position durchzuboxen, because this provokes only extreme counter positions and inevitably leads to zeitaufwändigem and unproductive Haggling. However, we need convincing arguments when it comes to neutral or objective criteria to bring into play. This will help us, deep-seated conflicts of interest, edit, and us from arbitrariness to protect. The sole Insistence on the Rechtsargument, however, leads rarely to the optimal solutions.
9. Be realistic: there is no compulsion to consensus

Despite meticulous preparation, good arguments and their ability to work with difficult people to deal constructively, not every transaction automatically to a consensus. Also an "interruption before the demolition" can sometimes be a Failure, not prevent it. There is also no guarantee against irrationality and stupidity. Think about your "best Alternative". The better your Alternatives, the more relaxed you can negotiate. A peaceful dissent may bring more than a rotten compromise.
10. Pay attention to your own Fitness

Successful Negotiating requires presence of mind, inner balance and physical Fitness. A negotiation process may take a long time. Maybe you need under time pressure to quickly count, weigh and decide. Respond to and Handle the Relationship requires Fitness and balance. If you are not in a good mood, it is perhaps wiser to try the trial to move, or someone else with their mandate to entrust.
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Luck - Or the question of the good life

What really makes you happy? The question is so banal as to be difficult to answer! Here is a brief summary of various research work on the subject. the

the Following factors are essential

altruism to maintain – you can Help other people to be happy. There is nothing egoistischeres...
- Personal social network to maintain friendship and family
- challenges with creative freedom search – autonomy experience
- Meditation, healthy diet, enough sleep, regular exercise
- Several moments of happiness per day change more than a big moment of happiness, every couple of months

happiness pays off!
end point 50 years of research regarding Motivation: reward and well-being to bring more than punishment and discomfort. As a leader, it is therefore vital that you set for yourself and other positive conditions design: Happy people work more creative, more reliable, and more productive.

principle: changes will be achieved only if the way is to be followed consistently.

- Day, 2 minutes BüroZen-Meditaion operate
- Daily for 3 minutes aware someone do something Positive
- Daily 5-minutes, the most important findings of the last 24 hours to write down
- Daily 10 minutes of Gymnastics

Program: During 3 weeks of daily 20‘ increases the personal happiness – scientifically flawless, demonstrated significantly!