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As conflicts arise - A constructivist analysis

Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2015

A harmless story

...two hikers happen to meet in the evening with a cool beer in the Restaurant Alpenblick. Coincidentally, made both the same hike. Especially noticed two of the little Church on the hill, with a fountain and tree. They describe each other, the Church, the tree and the fountain, and are amazed by the description, and the Other of which each is massively different (see image).

As conflicts arise - A constructivist analysis

- Which is the right Church? (Not religionsphilosophisch to  understand..)
- it is Undisputed that the Church exists
- there is no doubt that the Church has a Form
- Undisputed seems to be that both go to the same Church, have seen

If the two with each other about the Church speak of, and accept, their two churches constructs are different and nothing to do with the actual Church have to do, is everything okay

problems and disagreements arise, then, if the one opposite to the other claims his construct of reality can be the reality or his reality was more real than the reality of the Other.

- A is composed by: This "Church" is thought to be true
- Both insist on their positions. None there after. the
- The two Hiking the next day together to the Church. the

- Each statement is the result of their own subjective construction of reality. It is the experience, "truth"
- Any previous construction of reality is an individually correct and subjectively competent solution
- Basic appreciation of the subjective construction of reality is the Basis of all cooperation

conflicts can arise because the honest people of their Realitätskonstruktionen (as lens experience) want to generalize, and this compared to other people who do the same, want to impose!

A common new reality must be created!