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Dienstag, 9. Januar 2018

Auftrittskompetenz is for managers, one of the key skills. The challenging Führungssituatioen are manifold:

- you have an important presentation to the Board of Directors.
- you have a crucial presentation to a new customer. the
- do you have the workforce to the dismissal of many employees.

What is there to consider? What are the Dos and Don'ts during a performance, and a presentation? How is it that the audience in their spell, as you place your core message and how to create a sustainable "finish", the in the mind is stuck?

In our Executive Coaching with a focus on Appearance takes up the Training of these key competencies in an important place.

listed Below are the most important tips from years of working with Executives as crucial crystallized.

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Mental training

Mittwoch, 12. April 2017
Mental training

Your qualifications will avail them little, if your skills at the crucial Moment, are blocked. Mental Training can help provide the necessary performance at the right Moment to retrieve.

Almost always, when it comes to mental Training, to a certain ability, or the creation of a mental or physical condition either new to learn, to stabilize or improve. Stabilize means, an ability so far to train them, even under adverse circumstances, use can, for instance, under Stress and time pressure.

Improve means that you have a condition more quickly and effectively than previously. What you make should be for the current status of your knowledge and skills fit. Plug it in to high or utopian goals, come you might have already been the first step into a Skid and put your project out of sheer frustration back in the box. Quite a few athletes make at the beginning of their career this error.

Mental Training aims at the improvement of three areas, which are ideally mutually supportive:

1. optimal Action
2. the easiest way to get there, and
3. the most suitable Eigenzustand.

The crucial techniques of mental Appearance are...

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