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German executives in Switzerland

David Kaspar, Donnerstag, 6. August 2015

Earlier, it was the nursing staff today, it's the educated Kaderleute: The German Switzerland discovered and make a valuable economic contribution to our country. Here in Switzerland, arrived to discover...

German executives in Switzerland

...the Bremer and the Berliner that they  are not greeted with open arms.
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differences in mentality?
The mentality - at least those of Bavaria, or the Swabian of those - seem at first glance to be the same as that of the Swiss. On second glance, it looks different: here's how we Swiss cosily stress - the devil is in the Detail. Not always melodious Zwischengeräusche drown out the intended harmony!

Our Northern neighbors are often quick-witted, act convincingly, and emphasize their Status. The Locals sting such things in the nose, and the rhetorical skill of the supervisor or of the colleagues lets you fall silent. The fist remains in the bag, the mood is bad, musing on revenge! (Cf. to the simmering aggression an example of the Facebook group: "I could Peer Steinbrück for hours face polishing", Currently over 25'000 members.)

delimitation, demarcation
The exaggerated distinction in comparison to the rhetorical Gewandteren (and fussballerisch more Successful!) is a common response of the Swiss. As a counter-reaction on the part of the Germans is the definition by education deutschgeprägter abroad-German-occasions. But actually they are both dissatisfied with the Situation: Germans and Swiss.
this is where the Coaching!
By simulating real-life situations to concrete solutions worked. After a few Meetings, you are in the secrets of the Swiss-German Dialogue was inaugurated. This brings what! Identify the Dos and Don'ts in dealing with the confederates improved firstly the quality of life and opens up a second – not only professionally, new perspectives!

Why David D. Kaspar as a Coach?
David D., Kaspar, is as Executive Coach in the whole German-speaking area active and knows the Business mentalities of both countries. the
In addition, he is married to a German (Lebensmittelpunkte Bern, Switzerland and Biberach a. d Riss, Germany). He knows from personal experience the differences and similarities of both cultures.