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Luck - Or the question of the good life

Sonntag, 1. Oktober 2017

What really makes you happy? The question is so banal as to be difficult to answer! Here is a brief summary of various research work on the subject. the

the Following factors are essential

Luck - Or the question of the good life

altruism to maintain – you can Help other people to be happy. There is nothing egoistischeres...
- Personal social network to maintain friendship and family
- challenges with creative freedom search – autonomy experience
- Meditation, healthy diet, enough sleep, regular exercise
- Several moments of happiness per day change more than a big moment of happiness, every couple of months

happiness pays off!
end point 50 years of research regarding Motivation: reward and well-being to bring more than punishment and discomfort. As a leader, it is therefore vital that you set for yourself and other positive conditions design: Happy people work more creative, more reliable, and more productive.

principle: changes will be achieved only if the way is to be followed consistently.

- Day, 2 minutes BüroZen-Meditaion operate
- Daily for 3 minutes aware someone do something Positive
- Daily 5-minutes, the most important findings of the last 24 hours to write down
- Daily 10 minutes of Gymnastics

Program: During 3 weeks of daily 20‘ increases the personal happiness – scientifically flawless, demonstrated significantly!