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Management of the findings of brain research

David Kaspar, Sonntag, 11. November 2012

The brain research brings new insights about the way we work is our best to organize. the
In the following article - very briefly - 7  for the personal Self, or stress management crucial findings dargesellt.

Management of the findings of brain research

1. Identify your Tagesleistungskurve
Each person is different and has different Leistungshochs and Leistungstiefs. To know them is essential for effective management.
2. Priorities has Top-priority!
Conscious, intense Thinking consumes a daily limited resource of mental Aufmerksamkeitsenergie and therefore must be in a perfectly fit state to take place
3. Reduction of the topics: Multitasking does not work!
More than a topic in the head leads to a massive limitation of the quality of work. The permanent change between different tasks consumes energy and concentration. the

4. Reduction of interference

Interference from the outside must be sensitive-be identified and immediately maximally reduced.

5. Decisions - a small selection
The more variants well-thought and played out to be, the worse the result will be fail. More than 3-4 variants are not effective.

6. Conscious attentional Control

Optimal performance requires the right degree of "Stress" (Flow). This is achieved when the proper amount of neurotransmitters, noradrenaline and dopamine is released. the
In practice, this means that the performance through the control of attention is improved in the you will either a) small Fears produced (norepinephrine), or b) New humorous in a new perspective with positive expectations is the basis of
7. Distance develop
is A creative Problem to solve requires a peaceful, relaxed and happy spirit, and the deliberate distance to the usual Problemlösungsweg. That is why it is useful, in Blockadesituationen in the nature, to walk, to jog, to hike or meditate. Or simply do that, what a joy!