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How can I as a leader to influence? (freely according to Cialdini)

Samstag, 22. September 2012

Always ask me, how can you (without, of course, manipulative, and without inauthentic seem to want to...) more to gain influence.

Prof. R. Cialdini has to this topic, the following 6 principles are worked out.

How can I as a leader to influence? (freely according to Cialdini)

1. Reciprocity "As you me so I you."
application for managers: Give what is for the Opposite of great value, but a itself is not too expensive. Thus, an imbalance of manufacture, which, after compensation of the essence. Or Vice versa: A service request and bring it back to balance, so as to establish a trade relationship.

2. Scarcity is "Only briefly in the offer!"
application for managers:the scarcity of time and resources tactically.

3. Authority to "say What the is important!"
The principle of authority States that statements have a greater influence on human Action, if you of persons are taken as the authority shall apply.

application for managers: The view of your own early as the anchor position, so that the discussion is crucial vorzuprägen.

4. Consistency, "he Who says A says B"
The consistency or Commitment principle States that, for someone, for something, has decided to stay with it.

application for managers: For the own Position zieldienliche rules to establish and insist upon.

5. Consensus"All make it so
application for managers: statements such as "This is for us the Standard," "all make it with us", "we are so" deliberately as kulturprägendes a stylistic device.

6. Sympathy "is to me as a person sympathetic"
We agree people tend to, if we like them. Sympathy is created according to Cialdini by Similarity, compliments, and collaboration.

application for managers:Personal relationships and private conversations – for example, before Besprechungsbeginn – can fulfil an important function.