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The needs of the employees

David Kaspar, Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

to the needs of employees? This naheligenden and simple question was used in a broad study of the market and Meinungsforschungsinstitutes Gallup by: Guided need - like all people - trust, esteem, stability, and hope! the
These findings confirm our own experience in the day-to-day Business and Executive Coaching  and flow in...

The needs of the employees

...in our operating principles:

clarity: The focus of each Executive Coaching is on Recognizing and Developing Strengths. Weaknesses in the key competencies section (appearance, communication, conflict handling skills, etc) are then with all the consequences to address, if the breakthrough of Strengths and a personal Progress prevent.
mindfulness: managers must not only to the changing markets, but also to their "human world" disinterested attention (= awareness). That is why every Executive Coaching always "Wahrnehmungsschulung" to itself (keyword: Life-Balance), to the employees and the other stakeholders.
Each Executive Coaching  is supposed to be a more conscious design of his own Leadership role in the reconciliation with the personal Strengths and values. "Tools" alone bring little: Success is the Coaching and training process, and only then, if the Whole person is integrated. Thus, from Tools real tools!