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Which guide type convinced personal?

David Kaspar, Donnerstag, 22. April 2010
Which guide type convinced personal?

...a clear winner: Barack Obama (104 answers)! He received about three Times more votes than the significantly beat Christoph Blocher (29 mentions) and Angela Merkel (28 entries).

Our interest

For us as the organisers of leadership training, however, was not only the naked result is interesting, but especially the Statement of those who say, who are the future Chefs are (personal) and the manner in which they lead (coach & coach). the
Emotionene win!

According to our "Pulsfühlung" it is Barack Obama succeeded, positive emotions, not only in the American world, but also in the "world of HR & coach" to awaken. He was often referred to as "charismatic, good-looking (!) Visionary“ for a new systemic-ethical  way of thinking and leading.  In contrast, applies Angela Merkel by many as the "iron and pragmatic Lady" of a past time. Christoph Blocher and his "right-confrontational management style" is for the most of the recruiters simply an "unreasonable Patriarch."
performance lose?

If you are after a certain time of the interview, the onset of reflection of our interviewees regarding the effective transcript of records of the three protagonists was a more nuanced picture. Christoph Blocher was quite a high level of performance , especially with regard to his work as an entrepreneur, granted. When Merkel was appreciated that a "sober, relatively ugly physicist from the former GDR" did it, as a woman in the "blenderisch-masculine" world of politics with pragmatic solutions to enforce. About his performance was Barack Obama will be judged in different ways: by The Statements went beyond "type of tourism Director without effect" up to "the Bigsshe is a politician, with the Change of the Krankenkassensystems in America, a paradigm shift achieved." the
The belly wins!

Amazingly, even after the intensive part Ratio-influenced call - and the period of reflection – not a single participant, his first decision revised. It is from this close, even if highly sophisticated performance measurement and Personalauswahlinstrumente developed and used in every person and in particular any personal intuitive-emotional decisions, and finally, in his first "heart-decision" remains!