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Stress Management Coaching

Dienstag, 10. März 2015
Stress Management Coaching

The outstanding of this Stressmangagement Coaching Tool (developed by Prof. Dr. G. Kaluza) is that in a structured way the complex Stressfelder active and can be edited. the

structure leads in this case to a reduction of the complexity with the increase of Bewältigungsmöglichkeit. The result of this is that, mostly as diffuse experienced Stressproblematik concretely can be edited.

Some of the most important thing is that you itself as its own "Lord and master" over time, and work experiences.

How to work on the different levels?

1. on the one Hand, the sovereign dealing with stressors through effective time management and self - management established (Instrumental stress management skills)

2. on the other Hand, personal stress intensifier analyzed, and based on a programme for the sound management in order to develop (Mental stress management-competence).

3. in Addition, simple techniques for the Regeneration practised, which help, the Stress within a reasonable period of time to reduce (Regenerative stress management skills)

David D. Kaspar - your stress management Coach
The Executive Coach and managers Trainer David D., Kaspar, is at the Institute for psychology of health and health promotion, Marburg (DE) trained stress management Trainer.

phases of the high and highest loads, he knows from his time in the Wirtschaftsadvokatur and his former job as managing Director of a legal consulting firm.

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Regenerative Stresskompetenz

Sonntag, 14. September 2014
Regenerative Stresskompetenz

Many people tend to under-load their activities in the Form of Hobbies, sports, games, Social contacts, art and culture to reduce! With fatal effect: load up high, because Regeneration is missing. the

another "managers-typical" behavior which I as an Executive Coach and Trainer repeatedly encountered: The Arbeitsleistungs pattern is on the spare time of transfer:

- for Example,. Ferienstress
- Hochleistungsdauerläufe of managers,
- maximum number of Visit in the Christmas season
- Power Yoga with Vergleichsstress (the other is relaxed, happy...)

Regenerative Stresskompetenz requires something else, namely the establishment of a renewable, "another world"!

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