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May a Coach to earn as much as its target audience?

David Kaspar, Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2009

Coaching is in! Many consultants, even if your service is nothing to do with Coching has to do the trendy Business Coaching in her Portfolio. Everyone wants to ride along on the wave of success. Therefore, there is on the market for clients hardly...

May a Coach to earn as much as its target audience?

... überblickbares offer. Some of the offers are good. Others, however, highly unprofessional, and bring the client nothing. This Wild growth has not only its impact on quality, but also on the prices. These move between the dumping of leisure - Hobby-coach (CHF 65.--/h) up to "Künstlerpreisen" about  CHF 1'000.--/h.

The professionalization in progress

In the foreseeable future, in Germany and in the Anglo-American region is the development of already more advanced - it is a professionalisation of the industry. It will be a clear separation of skilled and customer-oriented coaches and trainers on the one hand, and on the own self-realization, are considered a Life-style Gurus, on the other hand.

My approach - and also the most professional and spe - zialisierten coach, I know - is that the fees of the Business Coach in the framework of the usual approaches for self-employed professionals with a University degree and qualified special training and many years of practical experience bwegen.

This is for two reasons:

1. is A professional and successful details of coaching should be the Coach to allow financially on the same "footing" as its target audience to move.

2. Coaching as a professional facilitation should be an attractive livelihood for highly qualified professionals to offer. Otherwise, "jump", and the market is flooded with "Halbprofis". And this benefits in particular the quality-longing audience nothing!